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Water from Air - Anytime, Anywhere.

844 million people in the world – one in ten – do not have access to clean water due to a number of factors, such as repeated droughts, lack of natural supply, metal and biological contamination, anthropogenic activities, and poor or inadequate infrastructure.

VayuJal Technologies Pvt. Ltd. develops Atmospheric Water Generators (AWGs) to combat the problem at the global level and to provide affordable, clean and healthy water to everyone facing a water shortage or a water contamination problem, through environmentally sustainable technological solutions. Developed AWG units will provide healthy mineralized water for drinking and normal clean water for other purposes, through a combination of its patented surface engineering technology, energy efficient unit design and mineralization technology, at a cost 20 times lesser than the current bottled mineral water costs.

These units may also run on off-grid solar panel systems to produce water in remote areas, wherever needed, thus providing affordable clean water to everyone, everywhere. Such machines will enable independent access to clean water for each individual facing water shortage issues in urban, rural, industrial, commercial, or remote regions due to multiple issues. Additionally, these variable capacity machines may fulfil water requirements for specific applications such as irrigation, construction sites, army tanks, etc.